Episode 40

Exploring the Android Support Libraries & Google Play Services


May 4th, 2017

49 mins 28 secs

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About this Episode

In this episode of the Xamarin Podcast, James Montemagno is joined by Jon Dick of the Xamarin components team to discuss the Android Support Libraries and Google Play Services. Don't miss this super informative episode overviewing what these important libraries are, why they are necessary, what's new, and how to use them in your apps today.

7:00 - What are the Android Support Libraries?
8:30 - Is it possible to build your app without the Android Support Libraries?
11:45 - What does each Android Support Library do?
15:00 - Versioning for Android Support Libraries, especially in relation to Xamarin.Forms
16:45 - Should you always be using the latest version of the Android Support Libraries?
25:00 - New things in the Android Support Libraries
33:00 - Overview of Google Play Services
44:00 - Tool/Package/Extension of the Week


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