Episode 79

October of Releases


October 9th, 2020

31 mins 59 secs

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This month James and Matt talk about all of the new releases that are out and ready for you to code with in October!

There's a new iOS. There has to be a new XCode then too. What would another month be without a new Xamarin.Forms preview release be? And this one is Xamarin.Forms 5!! And there's Xamarin.Essentials too!

It's not all new releases though in this pod - lots of news to talk about too.

Hack your way to some swag with Hacktoberfest. Find out about the Fabulous world of functional programming. And did you know the Oscars have an app - and it's made with Xamarin?!?

And of course, the Azure Service of the Month and Pick of the Pod!

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